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Last week one of our own Service Engineers traveled to China for a pre-inspection of the thermal oil system supplied by Konutherm on the ‘Bonny River’. The ‘Bonny River’ is the newest generation suction hopper dredger from DEME and is being built in China under the guidance of Royal IHC. For more information about this ship, click here.

Konutherm Bonny River

TSHD Bonny River

The designed and supplied thermal oil system consists roughly of a 2500 kW boiler with a Weishaupt burner, two times a 1250 kW waste gas boiler, pump skid, appendages, instrumentation, expansion vessel and a control panel. The thermal oil system is designed to recover the heat from the exhaust gases as much and as efficiently as possible in order to preheat the fuel oil.

When all components have arrived at the shipyard, everything is assembled on the basis of the documentation and instructions supplied by Konutherm. After this, in consultation with the customer, we plan a pre-inspection under the supervision of Konutherm, in order to check whether everything is properly assembled and connected and to answer questions from the customer. This prevents a lot of mistakes and frustration at a later stage and guarantees the quality in advance. After the pre-inspection is done Konutherm can come back for a possible interim inspection after which the official commissioning will take place. In this way Konutherm tries to guarantee its quality worldwide and to relieve the customer. Our Service Engineer has helped the shipyard well for the ‘Bonny River’ in China and looks forward to the commissioning.

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