Worldwide 24/7 service for thermal fluid heating systems

Service, Engineering, Maintenance and Spare Parts

Konutherm provides periodic inspection, maintenance, and repair services for all brands and components of thermal fluid systems. We also provide assistance and advice if you want to upgrade, optimize or expand your system. Our service includes:

Systeem checks

Based on measurements and inspections, our service engineers determine whether your thermal oil installation is in optimal condition. A flue gas and an oil analysis are part of this system check. Based on the findings of this system check, we provide you with advice about the required maintenance.

Burner adjustment

The flue gases from boilers which are dependent on fuel composition are analyzed and based on these results, and are used to check burner settings. If necessary, burner settings are adjusted to guarantee optimal combustion.


Improving the efficiency of existing plants can sometimes be achieved with minor investment costs. Konutherm can provide valuable services and advice, for example:

  • Expansion of your plant with additional consumers or secondary loops
  • Energy-saving and comfort measures, such as installation of economizers and heat recovery systems

Operating instructions and training

Thermal oil and hot water systems in the maritime sector must be periodically inspected by a classification society. Our engineers have the relevant skills and certificates to assist you with this inspection and will guide you personally during the entire process. Our engineers can also assist you with the system operating instructions and training of your staff. With our assistance you are ensured of a safe and optimal operating heating system.

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Maintenance and Spare Parts

Fired Heater / Boiler cleaning

A clean heating surface of a fired heater or waste gas boiler ensures higher efficiency and therefore lower fuel costs. We can provide the complete implementation and give you tips and advice about soot removal and prevention of surface fouling.

Boiler refractory and insulation

Damage to the fired heater, boiler brickwork, or refractory should be repaired as quickly as possible to avoid significant damage to the heater. Damaged insulation can cause excessive heat loss and corrosion of the equipment. Our service engineers can assist with inspection and repairs of the brickwork and insulation of the equipment.

Analysis of thermal oil

The condition of the thermal oil in a heating system is a good indication of the operational health of the installation. Based on the measured properties, such as viscosity, and flashpoint, we can analyze whether your installation functions in an optimal and safe manner, and we will be able to advise you on possible system adjustments.

Spare parts

Konutherm offers a wide range of spare parts which are directly available from our stock in the center of the Netherlands, or from one of our local agents worldwide. Thanks to our long-term relationship with (sub)suppliers we can offer high-quality services and original spare parts at competitive prices. Our detailed archive of existing installations enables us to provide you with the appropriate spare parts, especially for the earlier Konus Kessel, Betrams Konus or GekaKonus systems.

Ask our experts for advice

Both the engineering and the implementation and installation of your thermal oil boiler or water glycol heating system are supervised from our office and at your location. Every new construction, conversion, optimization or maintenance will be arranged quickly and professionally. So keep your head cool and ask your experts for advice.