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This year Van Oord celebrated its 150th anniversary with an innovation challenge in which they were looking for start-ups that give priority to the transition to sustainable energy. The innovative ideas that were presented had to be effective and feasible on a large scale in order to contribute to the intended energy transition.

Konutherm participated with their answer to the NOx and SOx emission problems, the “RHTA DeSOx technology“. This product removes SOx, NOx, VOC’s, PM and CO particles from the exhaust gasses of the ship and will also ensure the recovery of flue gas heat. The unit also works as a silencer and low flue gas resistance. A total solution for all your emission problems.

With this idea we reached the final 8 of the 103 participating companies.  Here we got the chance to pitch our idea within the entire Van Oord organisation. It was an amazing experience and of course we hope for a follow-up.


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